Thursday, 15 December 2011

feeling hopeless

today is friday and apparently i've just woke up from sleep, feeling empty, think nothing but there is huge dissappointment in me.well yesterday night i locked myself in my room, kept on thinking about what had happened during short cases and eventually i cried myself to sleep. haven't done that for a long time.and now i decide to listen to coldplay's song which always help me in these hard times.i know it's just exam and dah buat pon and you have to let it go tp xbole berterusan mcm ni.mcm mana pro nnt???short case ade 4 and what if i couldn't answer all???i know i have to be redha to all this.i know that.Ya Allah kuatkanlah semangat aku.i put all my efforts in my studies.berjaya dlm study is my happiness because it's my parents' happiness.i'm hopeless in other areas in life including love, memasak jelar ak tau buat study utk lps jd this is my only happiness.i don't wanna give up and still trying hard here. Ya Allah please give me strength.bye for now

sorry viewers, i'm feeling down at the moment


  1. hey....don`t give up.....ko boleh punye...i know u can...its ok to cry....just let go those bad feeling...then bgn balik....cayok cayok!!!

  2. thnx qiela.thnx for being a gud fren and supporter.InsyaAllah ak cuba buat spt yg ko ckp =)