Wednesday, 18 May 2011

aktiviti apabila waktu tak berapa nak lapang

All About Me Survey from

I Am - fizah, who doesn't know how to describe herself but she does have big dreams (skema btol ayt)
I Want - to be happy and achieve my goals in life (skema lg)
I Have - tons of works yet i still do this freaking survey
I Wish - i was working right now because i need money and am tired of studying
I Hate - offence semut2. they're like everywhere and it's so annoying
I Fear - Allah
I Hear - gossips all the time (from gossip boy,bon)--too much credits for bon pulak dlm blog ni
I Search - for a happiness and a wait!bf dulu br btol.hahak
I Wonder - why people can be so disrespectful and stubborn at times. you're not always right ya know
I Regret - that i'm shy during my high school years and till now (seriously!)
I Love - my family, my friends and my future husband and also my future in- laws.hahaha
I Ache - seeing my seniors have become doctors.i envy them
I Always - maintain the same weight no matter how much i ate or diet (tipu sgt part diet ni)
I Usually - isolate myself whenever i feel depressed
I Am Not - a girly girl who loves pink
I Dance - to the good beat
I Sing - out loud my fav song (bajet penyanyi hebat kn)
I Never - been in a relationship (1st thing that pop into my mind!)
I Rarely - show my real feelings to guys that i'm into them (i've got a long list of names.haha.gatal)
I Cry - alone.hate people seeing me cry
I Am Not Always - frowning!!i do smile but definitely not to perfect strangers.strangers freak me out
I Lose - my temper whenever people irritate or disrespect me
I'm Confused - with reaction of certain people. their mood is not congruent with their affect..weird
I Need - a change.tamo laazayyy..nk rajin!
I Should - have finished my psychiatric write up and seminars by now
I Dream - a lot!!i'm a day-dreamer .it's normal for an aries!

ps: i really dunno the function of line canila, underlinela dsbgnye. sy men tibai je macam yg sdg saya lakukan skg.HAHAHA

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