Saturday, 7 May 2011

happy mother's day

happy mother's day to my bestest friend in d world, my mom and my everything Mrs. Maznah Binti Harun. i know it's a bit too late for the wish because it's already 7th May 2011 but ya know... better late than never. Besides, i have tons of works with psychiatry thingy.i have to finish off my works before writing another entry.i don't think my mom will be reading this though (she has no freaking idea that her daughter has been blogging for the past few month). Anyhow, i just wanna wish happy mother's day to my mom and to all wonderful mom out there. i love you so much one understands me better than you do, you help me through thick and thin and you always believe in me whenever i start to doubt myself and you always there whenever i need a shoulder to cry on. i know that i'm lazy and annoying at times and i always thought to myself " i don't deserve a mom like this" but yet Allah present me with such mom.i'm so lucky and thank you Allah for the gift. i haven't bought anything for you mama but i promise that InsyaAllah one day  i'll fulfill your dream by getting a degree in MBBS. You're the best mom i've ever had and i love you so so much

mama with cucus

during our vacation at cherating

mama and me 

here a special song for all mothers

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